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    My name is Luis.

    I am a first generation American, the son of immigrants, born and raised in this great nation. As a young child, I developed a fascination with politics, specifically elections.

    Since then, campaigns and elections are my passion, so much as graduating with a degree in political science, with an emphasis on American elections. In my free time you can find me watching ads, reading candidate statements, attending rallies, and keeping tabs on polls.

    More recently I have started to collect political bumper stickers. My collection started in 2010 and I have gathering memorabilia every election cycle since. I have collected from various parties and levels and have started a Twitter account to share my collection.

    I am writing in hopes that you would be able to send me a 2016 Beatty campaign bumper sticker to add to my collection. In return, I will mention Rep. Beatty on my twitter account @politicalbumper, post a picture of the bumper sticker and along with a link to your website.

    My address is as follows:

    Luis Guitart

    1623 Bellevue Ave

    Apt 603

    Seattle, WA 98122

    I really appreciate your time and consideration.


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    I am new to Ohio this will be my first time voting in Ohio and I would like to know your stands on Police Reform and Prosecution of Police. There have been two maybe more high profile cases with two young boys killed with toy guns in a CONCEAL AND CARRY STATE! I want to know if I vote for you what is your plan to stop the SHOOT to KILL reaction from Police.
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    The violence on both police officers and citizens must stop. The answer is to end The War on Drugs. A tool, regardless if created with or without good intentions, has created violence, mass incarceration, and ghettos around the world.
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    Dear Representative,

    we send You a copy of our complaint against Barnevernet to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

    Yours respectfully,

    Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate,,


    The International Criminal Court in The Hague

    Complaint against Barnevernet

    The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate hereby addresses the International Criminal Court (ICC) with a request that the Barnevernet leaders or any other persons determined by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court be brought to responsibility before the ICC for crimes against humanity and for genocide committed on the territory of Norway from 1990 onwards, covered by Articles 5, 6, 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

    Barnevernet is in fact an independent fascist state in Norway hunting for children. It has its own laws and is not accountable to the Norwegian government, Norwegian king or Norwegian courts, or even to the United Nations. Barnevernet (Child Welfare Service) is absolutely dispunishable. Abductions of children by the so-called social services have become the foundation of a gigantic business. In 2015, Barnevernet had 4,300 employees. They persecute on average 53,000 children every year. Some of them have already been stolen, some are at risk of being kidnapped piratically. The number of children born in Norway annually is only 60,000. Norway has a total population of 5,000,000. Barnevernet costs for 2015 amounted to 11.8 billion Norwegian kroner, which is about € 1.25 billion, or about $ 1.4 billion!

    For what reasons does Barnevernet steal children from their parents?

    - The mother does not make an omelette to the liking of a Barnevernet child psychologist and gives her child too thick slices of bread.

    - When washing her child, the mother used a lot of soap.

    - The father has injured his leg and cannot climb the ladder; therefore, he cannot dust off the top of the window frames.

    - The mother is of small stature – if her daughter will be taller in adolescence, the mother will not be able to reach her.

    - The parents love their child and so they do not want it to be removed from them. This is allegedly evidence that the parents cannot cooperate with the social services.

    Although the European Court of Human Rights pointed out human rights violations by Barnevernet, nothing has changed! Moreover, Norway was criticized by the UN High Commissioner for systematic violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms as well as violation of international conventions. Again, nothing has changed, on the contrary – crime intensifies!

    Facts about the crimes:

    1) According to the statistics, Barnevernet has been responsible for 702 fatalities among children placed in so-called foster families between 1990 and 2001. T. Zdechovský MEP stresses that there is a sharp increase in child mortality at present, which is an urgent reason for a re-examination of the scope of “Barnevernet”. (Source:

    2) On the basis of fabricated accusations against parents, Barnevernet abuses official power and commits heavy crimes. Consequently, an average of 59 out of the total number of children removed commit suicide per year! This genocidal system, perpetrating crimes against humanity, condemns parents to illegal punishment without any evidence or guilt. (Source:

    3) “A course on pure nationality can be dangerous for Scandinavia” – this was the headline of an article published on 23 May 2014 in the newspaper “Aftenposten”. The journalists report that 9 out of 10 disabled children in Norway are killed as “defective” children. (Source:

    4) “If clothes could talk” – a mobile exhibition testifies to children aged 0-6 years who became victims of violence and cruelty. It is also the fruit of Barnevernet. The exhibition shows not only clothes but even toys of 40 child victims. (Source:

    5) Tomáš Zdechovský MEP, who actively works in a matter of returning two Czech children stolen by Norwegian Barnevernet, announced a scandalous case of death. A three-year-old boy died of multiple knife wounds and blows to the head from a 13-year-old boy who was “brought up” together with him in a so-called foster family. (Source:

    6) As announced on 6 March 2014 by the Norwegian TV channel NRK, dozens of states require that Norway stop its interference in the affairs of the families of migrants and tourists from their countries. Diplomats require that all children confiscated by the Barnevernet social service in Norway be returned to their families: “It is a crime of child abduction on a massive scale.” (Source: The return of the stolen Czech children has also been repeatedly demanded by the President of the Czech Republic M. Zeman. In vain! The petitions of Czech citizens and a half-thousand strong demonstration in front of the Norwegian embassy were likewise ignored.

    7) The book “Mammas Svik” (Norwegian Mum’s Betrayal) was written by a 26-year-old woman who, being a little girl, had been subjected to sexual abuse in foster families at the age of 4-12 years. The main characters in this book are also associates of the Norwegian welfare system “Barnevernet” who not only contributed to sexual abuse of children from foster families but directly participated in orgies. (Source:

    8) Barnevernet acts in such way that it first steals children from their parents and only then seeks justification for its crime. Barnevernet needs only an anonymous phone call and an absurd accusation: too many or few toys, a child with a sad look… These are mass judicial crimes. A similar practice was observed with Fascists in the legal records of their crimes. (Source:

    9) Barnevernet removed three children from a mother for the reason that she had baked a too simple festive cake for her child’s birthday. This was announced by the central Norwegian newspaper “VG”. An article was published on 2 May 2014 which confirms that Barnevernet (Norway’s child police) “rescued” the children from their negligent mother in the external order and without warning. (Source:

    10) On 14 January 2013, a Norwegian lawyer informed the Russian citizen Irina Bergset that it was her duty to pay a tax in the amount of one million rubles to the Norwegian paedophile for the abuse of her son Michael Bergset. Barnevernet had resolved to give the son of the Russian citizen to a paedophile. The Russian mother and brother were deprived of all forms of contact with the child, including Skype and phone. This is exactly how the system of removal of children placed in foster families works. The mother must finance the abuse of her stolen children! (Source:

    11) The protest rallies against the Norwegian Barnevernet juvenile police were held in the past years outside the Embassy of Norway in Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Somalia, and in Norway itself. The protests in front of the Norwegian embassies have also been held in this year (2016) in many countries – with no result: Warsaw, Vilnius, Tallinn, Stockholm, Bratislava, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Moscow, Riga, Stavanger, Vienna, Prague, Brno…


    12) On 3 May 2013, a sanctioned rally against Barnevernet was held in the Norwegian city Trondheim. Elisabeth Bettan Kjelstad, the organizer of the meeting, said in an interview: “I worked in Barnevernet, my three grandchildren are in their ‘care’. I saw the system from the inside, and I want people to know what crimes take place there.” The driving force behind Barnevernet crimes is a huge business in stolen children. (Source:

    13) Babies and other children in the Norwegian kindergartens have a hot meal once a week. The mothers are anxious about it and ask that the children in kindergartens have a hot meal at least twice a week. As a result, Norwegian educators mediate the removal of children from the mothers who are dissatisfied with the dining regime. These children fall into the clutches of Barnevernet criminals. (Source:норвежская+детская+полиция)

    14) 1/5 of all children in Norway (200,000 of the one million) have already been removed from their parents. (Source:

    15) Mr Morozov came to Norway with his son. The boy was 6 years old, started going to school and the teacher liked him. The child was clever and well-behaved, and the teacher desired to take him for herself. She telephoned Barnevernet, slandered the father, the Barnevernet personnel arrived and took away the son from the father. This cynical and deceitful woman was given the child plus one million kroner by the Barnevernet criminals. (Source:

    16) On 1 November 2014, LifeNews announced details of the removal of a girl in Norway, who had been taken away from her parents just because of unwashed dishes found in their home. (Source:

    Given that the above-mentioned unlawful acts contain elements of especially serious crimes against humanity which fall within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, which defends God’s laws and moral values, hereby lodges a complaint with the International Criminal Court. We demand that the International Criminal Court identify the culprits committing crimes against humanity under Articles 5, 6, 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and bring to responsibility the Barnevernet leaders and other persons determined by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

    + Elijah

    Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

    + Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr

    Secretary Bishops

    20 July 2016


    Vatican Secretariat of State and Catholic bishoprics

    Patriarchate of Moscow and Constantinople and Orthodox bishoprics

    Representatives of other Christian Churches

    Presidents and governments of Europe

    Presidents and governments of the USA, Canada, Brazil, China

    Postscript: We appeal to the religious leadership of the Vatican, to the leadership of the Orthodox patriarchates as well as the leaders of Protestant denominations but also to various civic organizations and individuals to lodge complaints against Barnevernet, following our example. If they remain indifferent, they make it manifest that they agree with the satanization of children! It is a system of inhuman torture and sexual abuse of children. The crimes of Barnevernet bring down a curse not only upon Norway but also upon those states that stand idly by in silence!

    Mass media have a duty to disclose mass crimes! Silence is a crime of collaboration on autogenocide even of their own nation! “Unless you repent, you will all perish!” (Lk 13:3)

    People of all nations, unite! Write, knock, shout until the Barnevernet criminals are justly punished and dissolved!!!
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    Dear Candidate or Candidate Staff:

    The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce, via our website is collecting candidate questionnaires for the purpose establishing candidate ratings and endorsements. We are reaching out to you for assistance in providing this questionnaire to your candidate, and receiving a completed response. As we receive responses, we will notify you of the rating assigned by the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce and whether or not the chamber has endorsed your candidate.

    Details are available at The easiest way to complete the questionnaire is online at However, you may also download the questionnaire, complete it and fax or upload the response.

    If you have any questions, please go to either or and look for the online chat/engagement system located in the lower right corner of the page. A member of our support team will be happy to help you. You may also call 888-418-7922.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Margot Dorfman, CEO

    U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce

    When we focus our power, we shape the world.
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    Dear Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

    Please become friends and exchange ideas regarding issues happen in America and Malaysia. Thank you very much for your support. God bless you always. Amen.
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    if any other country in the world would have made such a mockery of an election, Obama and other world leaders would be in the UN screaming for a special election and over site. But since Obama endorsed Hilary and he is a Democrat, there is silence. If this were France, Italy, Egypt, Iceland or most any other country the people would be in the street demanding something be done. Sure there are a few in Philly trying to do something. But instead of the masses rising up against these CRIMINALS we are letting one run for president and another one work on her campaign!!! This is shameful!! I am sure our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. Dont vote Hilary
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  • commented 2016-07-17 17:27:30 -0400
    the sit in on the capital over guns is a waste of time. most are mental health issues try that.
  • commented 2016-07-06 21:12:24 -0400
    I am disgusted by your behavior of actually booing Senator Bernie Sanders. Bernie has done nothing but act in the best interest of the American people, and just because he wants to continue to fight for us is no reason to act in any way that is disrespectful toward him. I am a resident of Ohio and I will remember your name and your behavior.
  • commented 2016-07-06 21:06:52 -0400
    You publically “booed” Bernie Sanders for not conceding to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is the ultimate screw up. She says, “It was a mistake, it won’t happen again.” It was a reckless mistake and it was just one of a long series of mistakes. A mistake that she lied about, repeatedly. We can’t elect a president that already has a long track record for making idiotic decisions. The fact that she isn’t facing any consequences for her reckless mistake is absolutely appalling! Her mistake was an act of espionage! I wish there would have been at least an ATTEMPT at a “cover up”, instead of just openly admitting to the world that, yes, it’s all true, but not only will she not be held to the same laws and accountability as the rest of Americans with security clearances, but we are going to give her the most powerful seat in the world! It’s like giving a toddler a loaded pistol. I would be insane to hand a loaded gun to a child, and just as insane vote for Hillary. So I say “BOOOOOOO!!!!” to you, ma’am. You should be ashamed of yourself.
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    Keep treating Senator Sanders with disdain and disrespect. I have chosen to withhold contributing during the primary season to Democrats who have behaved like spoiled toddlers. I can give the money in the General to Republicans just as easily.

    You don’t represent my interest.

    You don’t represent Ohio’s interest.

    You don’t represent Democrat interest.

    You don’t represent America’s interest.

    When you behave like a spoiled infant.

    You are representing only your own greed and preening ambition.
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    Mr. President,

    One of your last acts as our nation’s President needs to be a pardon of all people who were convicted of nonviolent marijuana possession, and you can do this with the stroke of a pen by federally legalizing cannabis. (People who were convicted of having a gun along with the then contraband, which made it a violent offense, should not be pardoned, for they should not have had a gun while in possession of any illegal substance in the first place. This not only makes sense, it will also bolster your position against just anybody having guns.)

    Since it is now public knowledge that the Nixon Administration purposely targeted liberals and blacks by initiating the ‘drug war’ on marijuana and heroin—though I am not in anyway suggesting that life-destroying heroin EVER be equated to simple pot—your administration should be recorded in the history books as the one who righted the most unjust wrong of making cannabis a Schedule 1 drug just so people of whom Nixon did not like could be harassed and arrested, even though a joint is no more harmful than a bottle of beer (and most of us know that alcohol is the more harmful substance).

    This is the perfect opportunity for you to become a true hero in the minds of many people, for a lot good people’s very lives have been irreparably harmed over the Nixon Administration’s failed attempt to demonize it for only bad reasons. With many states having either already legalized it or are going to legalize it in this November’s election, it is the most opportune time for you to do the moral duty of federally legalizing cannabis, and by extension pardon all nonviolent crimes attributed solely to marijuana possession.

    Thank you, and you know this is the right thing to do,

    Ms. CR
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    what is the address for the campaign office
  • commented 2016-06-22 16:41:42 -0400
    Thank you for the sit in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Rep. Beatty:

    I am beyond disappointed that you stood with a minority of progressives when you endorsed the anti-BDS bill in Ohio. You are pushing against a growing tide of citizens who are becoming more informed about the abominable situation in Israel/Palestine, including Israel’s egregious and bold human rights violations. Polls show that you are not in touch with the future on this issue. It is important enough to me to affect my decision whether or not to vote for you again.
  • commented 2016-06-01 16:24:33 -0400

    My issue is Social Security. It is my understanding that congress passed a recent budget by raiding our Social Security fund of billions of $s.

    If our Social Security fund is raided….do we, the wage earner & contributor to FICA accrue any interest or some payment or a true COL adjustment? No, all I read is cut-cut-cut.

    Remember….Social Security benefits is no an entitlement…….it is a commitment.

    John Kestella
  • commented 2016-05-26 14:54:34 -0400
    Hi Joyce Beatty Campaign Team,

    Organizer can help your canvassing efforts, just like we are for Lucy Flores in Nevada, and Joe Garcia in Florida.

    Please let me know when you have 10 minutes to hop on the phone.

    Hope your campaign is going well!


    Sarah Lee

    Account Executive | Organizer Inc

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  • commented 2016-04-08 01:01:48 -0400
    Hey Joyce,

    I’m Effie. Many times in my life, I’ve felt stuck, like I’m out of options. Sometimes I’ve just given up because I was sure I didn’t have a chance. I felt that the people I’m connected with in real life or social media couldn’t really help. I didn’t even know where to start.

    That’s why Perspectivo was created! At Perspectivo, you encounter perspectives from people who have been there and who can understand not only what you want to do but who you are. You discover these perspectives as you join goals others have reached and become a part of networks around these goals. You can always find new ways to move forward.

    I’m reaching out to you because I believe you have a lot to say, and can add fresh perspectives and goals to Perspectivo. Every time you add a perspective, you can also link to your own online content, and then, every time you post a new perspective, you can get the attention of everyone connected to that goal, and- help them!

    I’d like to invite you to to be part of our growing networks and start helping people move forward.



    Effie [Efrat] Pinhasi

    Head of Outreach & Community Partnerships
  • commented 2016-03-24 14:33:34 -0400
    Thank you for standing against BDS movement, I found you to be one of three congress members who refuse to allow hatred on campus.

    If I had access to my accounts your re-election champaign would not need more funding. My great grandfather was Philip Edward Jehle Romanov, his eldest daughter put me as heir my loving grandmother. Federal Reserve regulations prevent my access to my accounts, as only one person on account is required to be given notice. My desire is for Federal Reserve to be audited because I am one of the 221 owners of the federal reserve, which is a private bank not a federal agency. Regardless thank you for your support toward preventing BDS from gripping our universities into hatred. The State of Israel gave me citizenship upon learning my great grandfather was King Edward.
  • commented 2016-03-14 11:58:20 -0400
    Congresswoman Beatty, I am a member of the Wright Patterson AFB Prairies Chapel, WPAFB Protestant Women of the Chapel. We would like to do a tour of the White House while President Obama is still in office. Your name was given to me as someone who could possibly help us in accomplishing this mission. There are several women in our PWOC that are in their 70’s and 80’s and may never get the chance to see another African American President and I know this would mean a lot to them. My husband is retired Air Force and currently works for the Defense Intelligence Agency and he gave me the website of The website stated we must schedule the tour 6 months in advance. I am reaching out to you now and hopefully you can either help us or give me a contact that can. Thank you so much in Advance and God Bless.
  • commented 2016-03-12 16:43:34 -0500
    So Congresswoman Beatty, are you only supporting Hillary Clinton just because she’s a woman? I just watch you on MSNBC and not once did you ever state a pro-reason why you are supporting her.
  • commented 2016-02-19 00:17:29 -0500
    Dear Represenative Beatty,

    Thank you for your consideration.

    I would greatly appreciate you reconsidering renaming your super-delegate vote from Secretary Clinton to uncommitted. Of course, your public support of her doesn’t enter into my request.

    Through the media, I have observed that you are a thoughtful, reasoned person, so I know you will understand my concern over the Democratic Party possibly losing the presidential election because voters perceive a super-delegate manipulation if the delegate total doesn’t reflect the will of ordinary citizens, an event which has already occurred in NH.

    I appreciate your time.


    Booh Edouardo
  • commented 2016-02-13 12:43:30 -0500
    VERY disappointed that you are supporting Hillary Clinton when she supports a prison system that incarcerates a disproportionate per cent of young black men, and also supports the “three strikes law.” Of course she DID receive a huge contribution from the private prison system, and politics seems to be all about the money.
  • commented 2016-02-11 16:28:43 -0500
    Dear Congressman ,

    I am writing a follow up news report to “Heroin Dealer In Chief”, published a few weeks ago. I have some questions for 2016 candidates.

    If re-elected, what would you do about the 415,000 kilograms of heroin being imported from US-occupied Afghanistan each year? More generally, what would you do about the heroin epidemic and the 10,000+ Americans being killed each year from this new epidemic?

    Thank you in advance for your consideration to my email.

    Best regards,

    Will Edstrom

    freelance reporter


    link to “Heroin Dealer In Chief” is:
  • commented 2016-02-11 14:39:47 -0500
    Just saw Joyce Beatty on MSNBC. She’s pronouncing Hillary Rodham Clinton as “Hillary Rotten Clinton”!!!!! Sounds REALLY BAD!!! Somebody needs to fix that ASAP!!
  • commented 2016-02-07 19:39:10 -0500
    Just a question.

    What is your stance on Vaping/e cigarettes?

    Be unique and reply by email the answer or use the Contact Us page link located here.

    Just wanted you to know that I have done some of this of Facebook and one or more of the candidates complained. I lost my acct for a few days and lost the option to PM the candidates. Are you people that afraid of answering???
  • commented 2015-10-21 21:46:36 -0400
    I would like to know why the Congresswomen who has said repeatedly that she supports the fighting men and women of our Armed Forces and those who have put on the uniform and are now fighting for their disability has voted against the National Defense Authorization Act that would have increased the pay. This goes totally against what she has said and I am disappointed and I for one will not vote for her and will let all the veterans in this district know of her vote.